Thursday, January 28, 2010

Josiah and Tucker Keene

Last night some of our friends (Tiffany and Wes) came over to meet Josiah and deliver a meal. It was great spending some time with them. They brought their son Tucker. As you can see in the picture he is a lot bigger than Josiah. I can't imagine Josiah being this big. Just to clarify, Josiah is not offically three weeks until Sunday and Tucker is not officially 15 weeks for another couple of days.

Tummy time with Daddy, Bath time, and Josiah loves Mommy

Josiah was hanging out with me on the bed while Mommy was in the other room. I think he enjoyed being on his belly.

On Tuesday we gave Josiah a bath. One of Melissa's friends gave us these hooded towels for little Josiah. He seems to like them. They were keeping him warm after a miserably cold sponge bath.

When I came home from school on Wednesday I found little Josiah dressed in his I love Mommy outfit. He was looking really cute. The pants are still a little bit big but he is growing into them. We took him to the Doctor on Tuesday and he is now weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces. This is a half pound gain in less than a week. Before long he will weight 20 pounds.

Mom, Dad, and Josiah

On Tuesday we had a snow day in Shelby County. We were so thankful because we were up for several hours the night before trying to get Josiah back to sleep. We were able to spend some time hanging out on the bed with Josiah. He has a few people to say hello to.

Murray State fan too!

My parents came to town over the weekend and brought a gift from a good friend of my moms. She is a graduate of Murray State and didn't want Josiah to have only Kentucky and Louisville clothes. I really like this as well because I am a graduate of Murray State. He is going to have a hard time deciding what college to cheer for.

My aunt and uncle gave Josiah this really cool swing that has a giraffe on it. Josiah appeared to be looking directly at the giraffe. I think he is really going to enjoy the swing.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Supporting Louisville just for tonight

Louisville plays tonight so Melissa wanted Josiah to be ready for the game. I think he feels a little awkward wearing this since he is a Kentucky fan at heart. I guess he will have to cheer for both like his Daddy.

Josiah's monkey room

When we set out to decorate Josiah's room we didn't know it would end up with a bunch of monkeys all over it. I guess you could say the theme is Monkeys. We hope he likes them when he is a bit older. We have had a lot of people to give us these items. We are so thankful.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Josiah loves Daddy!

Here is a short video of Josiah and I this morning. We were hanging out while Melissa was getting a little sleep.

Josiah and his cousin

Josiah got a couple of hats yesterday so we let his cousin wear the Louisville hat. I can see this being an intense rivalry someday. UK vs. UL. It is going to be difficult convincing Josiah to be a UK fan. His mom is in love with Louisville. Will see what happens.

Josiah's cousin

Yesterday Josiah's cousin came over to the house. He is very cute! They are only a few weeks apart in age. What a blessing!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Josiah

Josiah Jelks Midkiff was born on January 10, 2010. What a blessing from God. We have been having such a great time with him in the few short days that he has been in this world. I am posting a few pictures that were taken over the past two days. He crossed his feet while Melissa was feeding him and thought it was cute so we took a picture. The picture with very little clothes on is him sitting by the window trying to catch some sun rays. He has been a little Jaundice so the Doctor to told us to put him beside a window. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures as much as I have enjoyed taking them. More to come later.